I love waking up everyday and feeling content with my life. I help women positively retrain their brain and upgrade their mindset to feel the same way. 

About Me

I have helped ambitious women all over the world bust through burnout, conquer self-doubt, work on their inner negative dialogue that has been keeping them stuck. I am a powerful tool to help transform thinking and improve life outcomes.

I’m here to support you and coach you beyond your limiting beliefs, help you positively retrain your brain, and cheer you on to when you upgrade your mindset (even when it feels uncomfortable and scary) - no matter your starting point.

Upgrade your mindset

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Kirianne and I am a Certified Professional Coach that specializing in positive mindset coaching. 
I help ambitious modern women shift their mindsets and habits so they can create aligned goals with the clarity and confidence they desire in their lives, businesses, and careers. 

With hundreds of success stories, I customize my transformational coaching and consulting to meet my clients exactly where they are and coach them beyond their internalized limiting beliefs, allowing them to accomplish the goals they've set out to achieve - no matter their starting point. 

It's my absolute passion and purpose to teach and support my clients to make positive lifelong changes in their lives because I believe the world needs positivity and its up to us to show how to live that way. 

How did I get here? Well, over a fifteen years ago, I started off to have the amazing education career. I became a well-known, strong leader that was passionate about building positive culture in the workplace. I had incredible opportunities to network and build great relationships, deepening a stronger coaching capacity that served my community in so many ways.  Even though I make a living doing work that I love in many ways, deep down I just know that I want to share my passion with other women like me.

I’ve lived through many significant life transitions, moves, mindset shifts, and habit overhauls. Thanks to the professional coach training I enrolled in, continuing education I’ve invested in, and the tools, systems, and processes I use on a daily basis, I transformed my life and am now living my purpose

I am serving incredible women like you - women who are ready to face their fears, challenge the status quo, become more confident, and upgrade thier living lives that feel more aligned with their goals and desires. 

"I love the idea of turning the power of your thoughts into a force that shapes a brighter, more fulfilling future"

"Never bend your head.
Always hold it high.
Look the world straight in the eye."
- Helen Keller

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the beach

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pinot grigio

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REAL housewives

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